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Quooz provides more than a conventional mist. Depending on the essential oils you use, it can uplift your spirits, assist in relaxation, or ward off infections. "Lull" utilizes the most advanced and effective method of diffusing essential oils, using ultrasonic aromatherapy technology. It doesn't use heat, so the essential oil integrity is maintained. "Lull" is a healthy and safe alternative to synthetic room fresheners and scented candles. Just fill with tap water and add a few drops of your favorite oil. The room will soon be filled with the goodness of your choice. The diffuser will also emit a cool mist and moisturize the air around it, relieving dry cough, sinus, and cold and flu symptoms.

This elegant diffuser has a soothing light that can be turned on to your preferred brightness or turned off completely. The light can also be set to "breathing mode"- fading gradually and brightening again. The changing light is programmed at comfortable frequency to vividly simulate human deep breath, providing therapeutic function of relaxing the nervous system.

•The unit switches off automatically when the water runs low
•High capacity- can operate up to 8-10 hours
• Low energy use
•No condensation
• Easy to clean & long- lasting
• Perfect for enjoying the benefits of essential oils or for using just with water
•Creates a soothing, calming atmosphere while beautifying and moisturizing your skin
•Stylish & compact design, shaping a spring flower bud before bloom
•Great for every room in your home, office, hotel- just about anywhere.

So, open your senses to the beauty of aromatherapy - a true retreat for the body, mind and soul.

Included in the gift box:
Lull diffuser
A/C adapter
User manual

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